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Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing Nottingham

R&C Plastering provides efficient damp proofing services including the installation of preventative measures, as well as affective damp removal services for domestic and commercial customers in Nottinghamshire.

Systems & Causes Of Damp

Unwanted dark-stained patches to your walls, cracked plaster and render, peeling wallpaper and rotting wood can all be tell-tale signs that you may be suffering from damp problems. Rising damp is caused by moisture being drawn up into the brickwork from the ground, leaving interior walls looking dark and stained. The effects of rising damp can be seriously damaging to your property.

As well as causing unwanted dark-stained patches on interior walls, other symptoms of rising damp include plaster and paint cracking and peeling, the appearance of white salt patches, as well as the loosening of wall paper, skirting boards and other wooden areas rotting.

Penetrating damp is moisture damage occurring because of unwanted rain water penetrating brickwork, which may be caused by something as simple as a leaking roof, damaged gutter or poorly sealed window frames.

In cold weather, the extra moisture retained in the brickwork will freeze and expand, pushing the bricks apart, damaging the external render and leaving it looking cracked. This will often be accompanied by an ugly dark-stained patch on the interior wall. Other undesired effects of penetrating damp can include increased heat loss in your property, frost damage and moss growth.

Damp Treatment Nottingham

R&C Plastering, Painting & Damp Proofing in Nottingham use the latest in high quality damp proofing materials to ensure damp problems are correctly and effectively treated to prevent them from re-occurring in the future.

Dryzone is a silicon-based water repellent cream that is fast and convenient to install. The cream is chemically tested to effectively prevent rising damp, and can be easily and cleanly injected into existing brickwork. The Dryzone system is independently tested and approved by the UK’s major authority in the approval of construction products – the BBA (British Board of Agrément).

Benefits Of Our Nottingham Damp Proofing Services

As well as insisting on using only the most trusted and tested products and materials, R&C Plastering, Painting & Damp Proofing offers nothing less than a quality, reliable damp proofing service carried out by experienced, professional tradesmen. Our Nottingham damp proofing work comes with up to a 20-year guarantee, as well as offering a 20-year insurance-backed guarantee that runs alongside our own.

We understand that due to the wide-ranging effects of damp, effectively attending to the damage can often lead to further types of renovation work to your property.

That is why R&C Plastering can manage large building projects to complete the extra work necessary because of problems caused by damp, such as re-plastering, re-painting, re-placing damaged wood work, re-tiling and even new plumbing or electrical work. This helps save you time and money, ensuring you can conveniently manage all of the work to your property with minimum stress.

For more information on our range of plastering, damp proofing, painting and decorating services in Nottinghamshire, please call R&C Plastering 01159 745 841

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